Guided Tours in Franconia

Wellcome to Franconia!

Würzburg, Bamberg and Rothenburg are the cultural highlights of my home country which I would like to show you.
But there are also a lot of hidden gems worth to be discovered: Volkach with its pilgrimage church „Maria im Weingarten“, where you can adore Tilman Riemenschneider’s famous Madonna sculpture; the old wine trading town Kitzingen with its leaning tower or mediaval Prichsenstadt, where framework houses, little lanes and picturesque squares provide reminders of a life long ago.

In the mild climate of the river Main and the sunny hills of the Steigerwald, wine has been cultivated since the Middle Ages. Today Franconian wine counts among the best wines in the world. And the best place to enjoy it is its birthplace!

If you want to discover the treasures of Franconia, come and join me on a romantic tour through our medieval villages or let me take you for an eventful wine tasting trip along the vineyards or into an old wine cellar.
A lot of beautiful historical places offer many interesting sights worth to be seen all year long.

You shouldn’t miss them